Traffic Control System



Managing AGV/AMR fleets

The SIGMATEK TCS (Traffic Control System) is a vehicle manufacturer-independent, open fleet management system for Automated Guided Vehicle systems (AGV) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR), which uses standardized interfaces for communication between the vehicle and guidance control.


Efficient Route Planning
The graphical system editor makes creating routes simple and enables efficient route planning. The TCS considers all possible routes, one-ways, permanent or temporary obstacles or user-defined restrictions. The graphic statistics view provides deep insights into the efficiency of the system: analyze heatmap, vehicle and job activities.


Job and Fleet Simulation
The TCS provides the ability to test processes in the computer simulation. This simulation is run up to 720 times faster than the real process – an entire day can therefore be completely mapped in two minutes.


Manufacturer-independent, Open system
TCS can be flexibly integrated into merchandise- and warehouse management systems, as well as automation solutions. It supports standard interfaces (VDA 5050, MQTT, JSON, UDP, TCP/IP).


In the graphical interpreter, the logic can be assembled from puzzle-like elements (function blocks). In the extensive library, diverse ready-to-use function blocks are available. Components for user-defined functions can also be created.


SLAM Integration
The integration of SLAM cards and data into the route planner simplifies the initial start-up and handling. SLAM can be integrated via TCP/IP. SIGMATEK has designed its own real-time localization software for contour-guided SLAM navigation: SlamLoc.


TCS is easy to program and the user can access it from anywhere: route planning has never been so simple.

See the TCS-video and the industry report for more details.


Learn more about S-DIAS, the modular automation system in pocket format: Control, Safety, Motion for AGV & AMR.

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