Control, Safety, Motion for AGV & AMR

The control and automation technology used in mobile system components must meet high demands. In addition to process control, mathematical tasks must often be performed to implement the motion commands of the primary control. Freely navigating systems must also constantly check the traveled route using magnetic points, laser reflectors or optical features in the environment.

S-DIAS, the modular automation system in pocket format, provides a variety of modules for automated guided vehicle systems – whether control electronics, safety or drive technology – and that combined on one software platform. In the standard version, an S-DIAS module measures 12.5 x 104 x 72 mm. The clever mechanical interlocking ensures high mechanical stability, which is especially important for AGVs.


Lots of Drive for AGV and AMR
Often, the drive technology must control not only the motors but also auxiliary drives such as lifting-, rotating- or slider units for material transfer. Here, our servo motor output stages with “Safe Torque Off” function are an excellent choice.


Safety Signals via WLAN

For mobile systems, “functional safety” is an incredibly important topic. This is about minimizing the risk of accidents. Accordingly, S-DIAS Safety has been integrated from the beginning – whether cable-connected or wireless (SIL 3, category 4, PL e). In addition, Visualizing directly on the vehicle is often required. Including access options for special operational cases and servicing. Communication with the guidance- or fleet management system is established via WLAN.


For Special Missions
The S-DIAS series also has a gyroscope sensor module. The BC 031 provides rotation rates and linear acceleration information in 3 axes. Whereby, the position and slope of the module can be exactly determined at any time point. The module is used in applications where precise measurement of acceleration or rotational motion is required.


In the industry report, you will learn more about how the S-DIAS automation system is used in combination with automated guided vehicle systems.


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