BWH 001 – WLAN HGW Base Station

  • Base Station for HGW 1033
  • High-performance EDGE2 Technology processor
  • Simplified positioning of the operating panel via mechanical guide
  • Coupling via signal light
  • Automatic charging using self-adjusting socket
  • For wireless Panels of the series 1033 with and without Safety functions


The BWH 001 base station acts as a gateway and establishes a connection between an HGW and a machine control. Depending on the S-DIAS controller used (e.g. CP/SCP 111), both safety data (via black channel) and non-safety data can be transmitted redundantly. In addi- tion, the BWH 001 serves as a receiving and charging station for the HGW.

The signal lamp allows a simple coupling between HGW and machine. States can be made visible via programmable pictogram LEDs. The base station can also communicate with other controllers over an Ethernet interface.

Dati sulle prestazioni

Processore EDGE2 Technology
Core del processore 1
Programma interno e memoria dati 256 MB
Dispositivo di archiviazione interno 512 MB microSD card
Interfacce 1x magnetic connector

1x M12 connector supply and Ethernet

1x M12 connector Ethernet (optional)

1x USB 2.0 Type C

WLAN dual band (2.4/5 GHz)

Tensione di alimentazione +24 V (+20-30 V DC)
Caratteristiche Data transfer via WLAN

Signal light

Caratteristiche meccaniche

Dimensioni 175 x 267 x 53 mm (W x H x D)
Materiale Steel
Peso 1,550 g
Tipo di protezione IP54

Numero articolo / certificazione

Numero dell’articolo 12-246-001

Informazioni aggiuntive

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